Waxing with Cirépil by Perron Rigot

Side Burns – $15 and up
Eyebrows – $30
Upper Lip – $15 and up
Chin – $15 and up
Ears – $25 and up
Under Arms – $40 and up
Arms for Women – $40 and up
Chest – $70 and up
Back – $35 and up
Bikini – $35 and up
Brazilian Bikini – $50 and up
Upper Leg – $40 and up
Lower Leg – $35 and up
Full Leg – $65 and up

Waxing presents a viable alternative to shaving, threading and other hair removal services. Clients value smooth, sleek skin and fewer potential visits over time. Our team offers the ultimate in hygienic, professional waxing services for both men and women seeking superior hair removal solutions.

XOMA is proud to partner with Cirépil by Perron Rigot Paris a globally-recognized brand offering hygienic waxing treatments with long-lasting results. Founded in 1936, Cirépil has earned its position as a market leader for innovations in the beauty and grooming space, including the launch of its disposable strip and non-strip waxes, patented Blue beads wax and other patented additions to its Complete Waxing System. Both men and women appreciate these superior products known to reduce pain by 50%, as well as the potential for redness and ingrown hairs.

Book your appointment today for a luxurious waxing session unlike any other. Whether you’re interested in removing hair from a concentrated area or a full body experience, XOMA’s team of salon professionals are skilled in application techniques that prioritize your comfort while maximizing results. Plus, with our high-grade product offering, clients’ benefit from smooth, soft skin for up to four weeks making this investment in your beauty and hygiene regimen worthwhile.

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