Skin Care by Yon-Ka Paris

Microdermabrasion – $75 for 30 minutes
Peels – $35 for 30 minutes
Yon-Ka Paris Eye Treatment – $40 for 15 minutes

There’s no secret to healthy, glowing skin. XOMA is pleased to offer a variety of Yon-Ka Paris skin care treatments for clients’ diverse needs. From dark spots to wrinkles to acne and beyond, these treatments are ideal for women and men seeking world-class solutions in skin care. These sophisticated solutions combine the best of aromatherapy, essential oils therapy, phytotherapy and phytembryotherapy to promote wellness and skin health.


Deep pore cleansing and lifting. Revitalizes the skin and infuses superb hydration and resiliency. Superior session for better facial definition and skin tone. – $110 for 80 minutes


Deep pore restoration and relaxing facial. Yon-Ka’s unique five-step, gently purifying process is personalized for your specific skin type. – $110 for 80 minutes


Blemish treatment for all ages. Helps purge and prevent outbreaks. A nonaggressive, yet balanced approach to purify problem skin – $80 for 60 minutes

All Yon-Ka Paris skin care treatments are personalized for specific skin types. To maximize results, a series of treatments and specific homecare is recommended. Our team of XOMA skin care professionals would love to speak with you about designing a tailor-made regimen for your skin care needs. Visit us for a skin care consultation today.