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Salon vs. DIY: The Blowout

Xoma Salon Blowout Services vs. DIY

“The blowout” – if you’re a hair and beauty enthusiast, you’re no stranger to this timeless style. With a little tension, a round brush, the right combination of products and a blow dryer, a trained stylist can work miracles. In fact, with proper at-home maintenance, a good blowout can hold up for as long as four days!

But, what sets a professional blowout apart from a DIY blow dry? Your friends at XOMA are here to share three key differences:

  • Tension: The key to a silky-straight blowout is applying the right amount of tension – it’s all in the wrist! With a professional blowout, your stylist is able to use precise tension at just the right angles – angles that might be hard to duplicate as you’re doing your own hair.
  • Technique: How many times should you pass over a single section of hair? How can you separate your strands to avoid tangles, frizz and fly-aways? You can leave the tricks of the trade up to a hairstylist or you can spend twice the amount of time experimenting at home. Technique plays the biggest role in how long your style will last. Invest in a professional salon service today and your future self will thank you.
  • Equipment: If only our personal product stash was as vast as a salons! When you receive a professional blowout, you can be sure that your stylist is using the perfect sized round brush and the proper amount of heat to avoid damage. You can also trust that he or she has the expertise to apply the right products for your hair type. Perhaps your roots are thirstier than your ends, or vice versa – sit back, relax, and let a salon professional determine that formula for you.

Salon blowouts at Xoma Salon are perfect for achieving a straight style that is silky, shiny, bouncy and built to last beyond one day. Have you always wanted to give this service a try? Now’s your time to try something new!

For a limited time only, XOMA guests can enjoy our brand new blowout bar for just $35 (valued regularly at $45). It’s never too late for a new look. Book your blowout appointment with Eric, Lindsey, or Nina today!

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