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Smoothing Treatments & Perms

Keratin Complex – $350 & up
Keratin Complex Express – $175 & up
Perms – $135 & up
Body Waves – $135 & up

Embrace a loosened-up look

Forget old-fashioned permanents. Today’s look is soft, tousled and natural. Permanents and body waves are both treatments that allow your hair to hold curls for several weeks or months.

We’ll give you just the right turn

Our nourishing perm creates tighter curls for a buoyant, happy hairstyle that washes beautifully, and looks and feels natural. XOMA’s body waves treatment provides a more relaxed look, with collections of looser beachy curls cascading down.

Let our salon professionals guide you to the kind of waves you want to make. Book an appointment with our experienced stylists and we’ll put just the right twist on your new look.


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