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Hairdresser Applying Dye On Customer's Hair In Salon

Considering Highlights? Go Darker for Fall

Fall is here, and you might be wondering what’s next for your hair colour. This season is prime time to transition from lighter shades to darker tones. Dark browns, auburn hues and even tones of amber help to bring a little more warmth to this cold and balmy season. Additionally, the crisp, dry air makes consistent hair care necessary now more than ever – especially for colour-treated tresses.

Here are just a few tips for transitioning your colour this season:

  • Transition in stages: Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to kicking off your transition. Consider lowlights as a first step, as opposed to a more dramatic colour change. Lowlights should complement your complexion as they blend more naturally with your current hair color. In this way, you can set the stage for a smoother transition.
  • Don’t forget to condition: Coloured hair is stunning, but healthy hair should always be your first priority. Elements in a colouring agent can change the texture and needs of your hair – often requiring a more moisture-rich maintenance regimen. Consider that, along with the dryness of the autumn air, and your colour-treated hair will need every drop of moisture it can get. Incorporate regular conditioning treatments into your routine to keep your hair’s strength and lustre in tact while bringing out your colour’s full potential.
  • Set up a consultation: Setting up a consultation allows you to chat with a professional about which colour best complements your skin tone. He or she will assess your hair’s texture and history and predict any potential blending issues between your desired hue and your current colour(s). For instance, in some cases, a stylist will recommend that you return for multiple colouring sessions over time to protect the overall health of your hair. Last but not least, he or she can identify the safest colouring agents for your hair, considering its current health and needs.

Say hello to the season with a rich, warm hair colour! XOMA Salon & Spa’s team of stylists can help you transition your hair colour for safe and stunning results. Book your appointment to explore our top-notch hair colouring services.   

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