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3 Benefits of Men’s Facials

Healthy skin is for everyone – and the secret to a sleek, suave look is routine skin care. Due to increased testosterone, men’s skin has its own unique properties, including increased oil production, thicker skin and larger pores. Regular facial treatments can improve the look and feel of skin while paving the way for a smoother, neater shave.

Looking to step up your grooming game? Read on for 3 additional benefits of men’s facial services:  

Exfoliate your skin. “Rugged” is a great look, but it doesn’t have to be a lifestyle that shows on your skin. Exfoliation sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin. In clearing away that dead skin, you unclog pores and reduce the potential for breakouts – leaving a clean slate that feels smooth to the touch. You also resolve issues like dull skin and an uneven skin complexion.

Soothe irritation and skin sensitivity caused by shaving. Razor bumps are more than an inconvenience – they’re a prime source for irritation and sensitive skin. A regular facial specially formulated for men can soothe skin issues caused by shaving. You can thank your esthetic professional for a closer, neater shave later.

Relax! When’s the last time you took a break to unwind? Professional facial treatments allow you to literally kick back and relax. Meanwhile, a trained esthetic professional gently works your facial muscles and deeply cleanses your pores in a calming environment. Everyone deserves a getaway, and a professional facial treatment is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself.

At XOMA Salon and Spa, we’re committed to offering your very best solutions in hair and skin care. Let our team of skin care specialists provide you with state-of-the-art facial treatments, formulated for your specific skin type featuring products from our partners at Yon-Ka Paris! Book a men’s facial appointment online or call us at (973) 218-0828.

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